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This has been yet another eventful week, although this one has been a bit calmer than the previous ones. As I blogged earlier after two tensed weeks finally it boiled down to which path of chemotherapy to choose, we have been praying to God to guide us.

So I wrote a mail to Dr Adwait couple of days ago, (since he is the one who originally thought that I needed 12 cycles of chemotherapy after my liver resection) I put it in very simple words that ‘Dr B has now agreed to administer Chemo, but he is still of the opinion that I should wait and watch, please advise’. And he replied the next day in even simpler words saying “Dear Santosh, I would agree with Dr. B under present circumstances. Watch and Wait for now then”

Well, that was the end of this incredibly chaotic chemotherapy ordeal, finally both my oncologists were of the same opinion that I should wait and watch. Now the words ‘WAIT AND WATCH’ are a bit scary, as the next CTscan is scheduled for October 1st, which seems like a long time. Am I confident that it will pass? Yes I am, unlike the previous times now I am imagining myself as an Israelite in Egypt who had to place blood of the lamb on the door so that the plague would Passover, likewise I am placing the blood of the lamb (of God) on my head and walking in confidence that this walk through the valley of the shadow of death is ending.

Though it’s quite difficult to follow the ‘narrow road’ after speeding on the “highway” for the last 5 years, but God has been kind in weaning me and I am glad He found me in the right time. If I make it, I will consider this life as an credit from God and will do everything possible in my strength to give it back (although there is nothing I can give back).

In Other news

  • I have started a Gospel rock blog (as I don’t believe in praising God through pirated/borrowed music) I pray that God will lead me.
  • I am not considering to joining work for a while asMarinamall is filled with secondhand smoke from the shesha shops and I am a bit worried about it.
  • My wife gifted me a Samsung Galaxy S3, ever since my son hardly talks to us, he is 24X7 on the phone playing games.
  • Wife has started driving regularly these days, though she gives minor heart attacks while driving, I am very confident in her that she’s going to be a good driver.

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