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Again, it’s happening again, I have stopped updating this place, it’s happening for a reason, and the reason being… I am Getting better.

As said in my previous blog, I arrived in Kuwait with my ileostormy reversal wound re-stitched.  After few days, the wound started to smell again, Boy O’ boy !! i was so scared, So we visited a local doctor at New Mowasat hospital in Kuwait, who assured us that everything was fine and asked me to take bath. And then my brave wife was changing my bandage for next few days while the stitch healed and finally I had my stitches removed. That was a great relief, meanwhile Dr Kamran said that I could visit India by October first week for Full Fox Chemotherapy, which has made my wife very happy.

Meanwhile, My son moved , he’s turning 4 and he already moved out .. to his own room. We painted this vacant room which was used as a dumping room, he’s so happy,

In other news, Showroom is opening in two days, and I have rejoined my workplace for a while now. I get exhausted like hell, but then my colleagues have been kind to me and don’t allow me to do much work.

So I will be booking my tickets in a day or two, more from India. That’s it for now.

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I’ve been thinking … thinking…. thinking. Is this how I am going to die? (although I have always wished to die an instant death) Then as I lay down on the radiation machine my mind had a quick flash back…

Age 5: Taken by a flash flood, almost swept in to the raging  canal, but I survived

Age 7 : Herpes around my genitals, was very ill, but I survived

Age 9 (or 10?):  Fell of a tree only to get stuck at a lower branch and survived

Age 14 : Major Bicycle accident, friend of mine broke two legs and two hands, I survived with a broken pinky

Age 14: Rock climbing, got stuck half the way, would have fallen to death, Survived again

Age 28: Major low Blood Pressure episode.. Survived

Age 37 : Diagnosed with Colorectal cancer …  MUST SURVIVE ! MUST !!

Because This NOT how I wish to Die !!

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Let us die young or let us live for ever

So yesterday I thought of beating the weekend blues, I went to Chembur to meet a friend who contributes greatly to my website. We’ve been chatting online for last two years, yesterday was the first time I met her. Funny things happened, We met at this “Le Cafe” restaurant, which looked pretty decent, but service was ‘horrible’. I reached there at 1.30pm, after requesting 100 times the waiter finally took order for our starters which came around 2.30pm. Then at 3.30pm they finally served the main course except mine. They served me some dish full of chillies where as I had ‘Specifically” ordered non-spicy pasta. Meanwhile people at the next table walked out without paying because of the shabby service, while another customer who was over charged 500 INR for a ‘expired’ coke was threatening to sue them. Finally we too didn’t pay for the food and walked out.

Then we went to this another place by when my hunger was dead and I ended up eating sandwich because they weren’t serving lunch after 4PM. It was really a ROFL situation. But I liked it, because to be honest some ‘excitement’ in my boring life finally.

Poor Kid Sairith, he accompanied me through out the ordeal even though he was totally out of the place. To top his misery, last night Manchester united lost to Barcelona 3-1. I have thought of buying him an original Nike ManU tee. He deserves it for all the pain he has gone through because me. Sometimes I wonder if he’s some kind of an Angel in disguise, It’s so hard to find young guys who are so calm like him.

Today’s Sunday, I have no plans to adventure, but sit home and enjoy my social medianess.

Oh! Enjoy life while you can, be kind to others, because at some point we all gonna die and all that we leave behind is memories.

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What’s human relationship is like? One never respects it until … Shit hits the fan yeah? We fight, we gossip, we insult, we stop talking to each other. But then we mend fences, come close only to go far again when things better. So what is it? Why tragedy brings out goodness but happier times bring out evil?
Hospital called to say that today’s radiation session is cancelled due to machine breakdown. Suddenly a dark fear took over me and I realized how desperate I am to get well soon. Hope they fix that darn thing, I so want to sleep on it, I think of it like a massage parlor without a ‘hot’ masseuse 😆
Among other things, I had a dream last night, my son bunked school and was playing football with big kids. Hmmm! Is he going to walk in his father’s footsteps? Well he’s only 3; too early to say, so let me wait few more years. This is what I ask God, to be there when he falls, something which I missed as a kid.
There is a garden opposite to the place I live, me and Sairith went for a evening walk yesterday, saw a young couple cuddling in the darkness. Made me laugh, the things you do when in love 😆  I have started to love Mumbai somehow, if everything turns out well we should try to settle down here, a promise I made to my wife but didn’t keep. One more chance please….

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