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So I have been thinking last night, what must have caused the cancer? I have been suspecting a drainage pipe inside our showroom (back store) which is covered by some kind of aluminium paper. I faintly remember one of the mall technician telling me to cover the pipe because it could cause damage to skin. That was 8 years ago, so my mind start to wonder, could the pipe be made of asbestos and I have been inhaling asbestos for the last 8 years??

Well today there is more bad news, according to ‘certain report‘ which is published on Al Watan newspaper Water and Air in Kuwait could cause Cancer.   Also I stumbled up on this another article which proves that something is seriously wrong. Well I am not qualified to judge on hearsay but something is wrong definitely  at the place I work, First one of my colleague fell seriously sick due to some thyroid problem, he almost died (due to negligence, and has been neglecting it since his recovery) then another of my colleague had tumours removed from her breast (which she says hereditary) and I have been diagnosed with stage 1 colorectal cancer. This is really worrisome, I mean what if it is true and we all are contaminated? For many years we used to drink bottled water because we thought tap water was unsafe, now looks like everything is contaminated with bromide.

If water and air is causing cancer in Kuwait …. God help us.

But then this all could be wrong, one of those conspiracy theories by the American Companies

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