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So hey ! Sorry for not updating this blog, I got bugged down by ‘I MISS MY FAMILY SO MUCH’ virus. ย Hence the silence, also weekends without family are so painful difficult.

So what are the updates? Well, I am gaining weight, either I have put on 2kg’s since last week or the weighing machine is flawed. Nevertheless, I haven’t lost any weight, also now that I have stopped dieting guess all that rigorous hard work was a waste.

Update 2 : 14 days of Chemotherapy tablets are over, it feels like i crossed a huge milestone by eating 84 tablets in 14 days (and all the side effect that is going to occur after eating 3ooomg a day). There is one week break before I start second set of tablets starting next week. Meanwhile I will have to undergo blood test to see the ‘damage’ Chemo has done to my blood cells and liver.

Update 3 : ‘Vile Person’ is on an attacking mode, I don’t blame her, but blame the bloody moon.

Update 4 : Bought a pair of FILA sandals for Sairith, he was so happy, Makes me happy too, I have never seen anyone so selfless and loving, he’s like my brother i never had. I have no idea how to pay him back.

Update 5 : I have been fighting with God for last two days, I have not made peace with him for what has happened (although I am at fault for abandoning His Grace). But then when I lay down on the radiation machine, I spend the best time with Him. I know everything He does has a purpose, just that I am not willing to let go my sinful life. But then is facebooking a sin? ๐Ÿ˜†

Update 6 : WordPress stats tell me that 17 people read my blog, Hmm ! If you stumbled on this while searching “anal Cancer” .. My word of advice ‘STOP GOOGLING” , things get worse when you look for answers on the net. Just give yourself in hands of God (If you believe in Him) and a good Oncologist. Ever since I have stopped searching google, I guess I am being healed faster.

Have a nice day !

Oh ! 17th is full moon day ! Watch out for your mother in law ๐Ÿ˜† … Kidding ๐Ÿ˜€

Also the picture has nothing to do with this post, just saw the stray dogs having ‘awesome’ time in the gutter. Damn! if you are upto it Happiness can be found …. even in the gutter!

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