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It’s been a month since I have not documented any of the latest developments, reason being i’ve been in and out of hospitals almost every week, also I don’t have access to internet and I hate to blog from my phone. So here’s what happened

I got admitted at the Joy hospital Chembur on 18th of May and on 19th underwent Liver resection and removal of gall bladder. Stayed at the hospital for a week and then was discharged without any complications which I’m told quite common during liver surgery.

Also underwent yet another surgery for chemotherapy port installation as Dr Adwaita Gore insisted that I should undergo chemotherapy for a while.

But then real hell broke lose, I was told by Dr Adwait to give my Samples to one Mr Santosh Ingle at Merck group Mumbai, who in turn gave it to Unique health Care (Reliance Life Sciences)  Parel, who apparently LOST my samples and delayed the result for 9 days and then “miraculously” found the samples and have been delaying my KRAS test for over 18 days now. Funny thing is every time I call the lab the technician one Mr Ramesh keeps pushing time, If I call him in the morning he says I will update you in the evening (which never happens) when I call him in the evening he pushes it to next day, So far out of the 4 blocks that I had given 3 have been turned negative (without cancer cells) and today I will be told if the final block has any cancer cell in it or not (which is very unlikely).

Never in my life i have been this depressed, I can’t imagine that there are people in Medical profession who could hold you for ransom like this, What ever happened to the good will?  In this difficult time I had to visit my ailing mother in Mangalore who recently undergone brain hemmorage surgery and was quite sad to see her son like this.

Now that I am back in Mumbai and about to miss my wife’s birthday which is tomorrow (thanks to Reliance life sciences) I am looking for plan B which is collect my blocks from my CA Colon surgery (which too has no cancer cells it seems according to the Lab in KCC) and send it to SRL Ranbaxy in Andheri, and hope that the KRAS test will be done in time

In other news,

* I quit my rock blog after 2 million hits I just gave up on it, don’t feel like blogging anymore, but I am planning to build something greater than it, which will be dedicated to God.

* Visited the land that I had purchased in Mangalore, Must build a house there and call it ‘Hall of fame’

* Shirley Aunt and Godwin uncle and Sairith have been the same old people they are, my guardian angels, As i have said before there are no words to thank them enough.

* Thank God for some good friends, who are very humble and kind and have been helping every step of the way.

* Thank God for some stupid relatives, life is better now that I have totally distanced them.

More about me once I go back to Kuwait…

Meanwhile Keep the faith… If God can stop Sun from setting for 24 hours (Joshua 10: 12-14) he can do anything … all you have to do is just ask !

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