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So the unthinkable happened on 29th of April, met Dr C at KCC to show the PET scan that was done on 11th, he said it looks like “stage4” and needs surgery to remove segmentV of the liver. Since he is not good at talking to patients and seemed in a hurry to go on vacation said he will transfer my case to some other doctor. My wife by then has panicked and in tears called people from church and came to a decision that I should travel to India to meet Dr Kamran A Khan. Although DR Khan said it could be a false alarm, after getting the second opinion of PET scan at SRL lab at Charni road, said it looked malignant lesion and needed an open surgey as opposed to his previous suggestion that surgery was not required.
After meeting Dr Roy Patankar at Joy Hospital chembur, underwent CT guided biopsy of the liver at SRL and it was confirmed after 3 days that it is malignant lesion and I must undergo surgery.

So Dr Roy asked me to meet Dr Mahesh, one of the top liver surgeons in India who asked me to get admitted on this Friday so that the surgery will take place on Saturday 18th.

So here am I, waiting anxiously to get operated so that I get rid of
this lesion and go back to my wife and kid who are dearly missing me.

This may be my end, but if my Lord blesses me to see more years I promise to dedicate it to him. I know he is watching me.. I ju

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