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So I underwent PET scan on 5th of April 2012, bit boring procedure where they inject radio-active material and don’t even tell you about ‘NOT TO COME IN CONTACT WITH KIDS’ because you will be emitting radiation. Unfortunately I came home and too a nap with my kid. Seriously my faith in hospitals is diminishing.

On 11th my results were out, there is a lesion in the liver, but it’s tiny, So there I was once again between the devil and the deep blue sea, broke down into pieces, told my wife ‘this ship is sinking’ .. hearing that  she broke down too, I have not seen her cry so bitterly since her father died 5 years ago. Then we took courage, prayed and sent the report to Dr Kamran A Khan (surgeon oncologist aka my guardian angel) who asked if I could travel to India,  So all plans were set for me to reach India by 22nd for some procedure that I had to undergo to contain the spread. But then Dr Khan said, it was not so serious that I should leave my job and fly to India, instead he asked me to send the PET scan CD to him, which I did but he hasn’t replied since. Meanwhile I have an appointment with Dr C here in Kuwait on 29th of April. Not sure what he’s going to say, but I am expecting disaster and ready for it. But what ever happens I will NOT get operated here.

In other news my wife got driving license, she drove half the way to church on Good Friday and then panicked and stopped the car in the middle of the road, which is fine, because I keep nagging her about proper driving since my life (and my kids life) is in her hands. If all goes well, I should teach her how to drive on her own by the year-end (Bucketlist #74)

Nothing much to add other than I have serious problems with incontinence, I know this will never heal, it’s one of the perks of undergoing “ultra low anterior resection”. and the fissure are bloody mothertuckers, but days are good when I avoid meat and follow a strict vegetable diet.

So pray for me, or even thoughts will do, check the video below,

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