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Little rewind:

Things went totally haywire on Feb 21, I happened to visit the doctor to enrol myself for thrombosis observation, and he saw my condition and asked me to undergo a blood test, and then told me to stop the chemotherapy as my thighs had severe blood clots since my platelets had dropped dangerously. So on Feb 21st I officially ended my 6 cycles of chemotherapy (just short of 5 days of completion)

Since then I have been gaining strength, even taken over the shop management as the store manager (who wanted me to be expelled) is on vacation to visit his first wife in Egypt.

But all is not well, I did a CT scan on 11th of March and the tiny lesion on my liver seems to have grown. So I will be undergoing PET CT scan on 5th of April. I am really tensed about the outcome as Dr Bhavin wants me to undergo surgery if the report shows tumour in my liver. Everyone has been asking me to stay positive and keep my self busy with prayers and positive thoughts, which is exactly I am doing (at times) I want to live, desperately want to live and watch my kid grow up, I have so many unfinished tasks to complete. Physically I am at my best, haven’t felt this sporty in a long time. I am doing regular exercise every morning and keeping my self positive.

Met a woman who was battling colon cancer and is in her last stage, we had a long talk as both of us were waiting for our turn at the doctors office. But I was greatly disturbed after the talk, realizing how a life can end all of a sudden. In the future I should avoid talks at the hospital.

In other news, my kid was beaten badly by his baby sitter for not eating, my wife did confront the nanny and fired her. We asked our part time maid to baby sit my kid, which she agreed and has relived our anxiety to a great extent.

Also my other blog crossed 2 million hits, but somehow i don’t feel like writing there anymore, not sure if it is a writers block or life is finally taking a turn.

Will update this blog once I get to read my PET CT scan results. Meanwhile Keep praying for the sick.

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