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I’m in pain, a lot of it, feels like every inch of my body is beaten badly. But that’s OK I guess, my capepox regimen is in its final cycle. That’s right, surprisingly all my blood reports were normal on 13th of Feb (wherein I was expecting a disaster) So I got my final dose of Oxaliplatin administered which was quite painful for some reason. Went straight to work after the chemo, trust me being a shoe salesman is not easy while undergoing chemotherapy. You encounter jerks (read customers) all the time who are unhappy with you because 1) You look like shit for the next three days and not paying attention to their shitty demands 2) you are not in a mood to do anything yet are helpless but work to earn your daily bread. Anyways, thanks to my good co-worker Jenn somehow I pulled through these 3 days, but unable to sleep because of body ache. Anyways like every bad thing this shall pass.

Got an CT scan coming up on 11th of March, I guess my days will be bad until the results are out only on 28th of March. Must come up with a plan not to get mindfvcked till then.

Lots of developments happening at work place which I will write some other day, nevertheless I have made up my mind to move on. I feel I wasted 9 years of my youth working for this shithole of a company.

Today is my son’s annual day at school, quite stoked about him singing on the stage in a flowery dress.  Hope the day goes well, Hope the bloody winter gets over soon.. Desperately need to feel the sun.

Talking about Sun, here’s a joke that happened the other day

Wife (teaching bible to Jay on our way to Sunday school): God So loved the world he gave his only Son….

Jayden: Mother, who gave the Moon?

😆 😆 😆

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Well there’s been lot happening lately in my so called boring life.. here are the few events that I feel I should record

Event 1: As I said earlier, I found out that the store Manager has been in talks with the management to get me out of work. We have never been in good terms for the last 9 years we’ve been working together. Let me say it in words ‘He’s a jerk’ who does not respect any human being (or else he wouldn’t be having two wives). But I did write a long email to the management asking them on what basis they want to fire me when the Manager’s wife (who is also my co-worker) is a breast cancer patient too. Since then HR Manager who has never met me before called me to ask what is going on at work and as you know I botched up the entire talk because I SUCK AT TALKING.

Event2: Couple of days ago, it was raining. Since it never rains in Kuwait everyone just suck at driving in rain. While me being extra cautious just to get home as I have this deadly urge for ‘nature’s call’ realized that “this guy” has just banged my car. We both get out of the car, the guy admits that it’s his mistake, we both park on the wayside and Suddenly this Egyptian vendor appears from nowhere and starts to haggle saying ‘It’s nothing, tiny scratch ask him for 10KD” meanwhile I could hear him talking to “this guy” saying  “I spoke to him, don’t give him more than 5KD”. I call this imbecile and ask him ‘Who are you?, he starts to mumble. Boy!! I got so wild and gave him a piece of my mind. So this guy now offers me 5KD, I say no way.. meanwhile an Indian gets down from “this guys” car and begs me to take 5KD because he was helping him to get home. Now I am seriously confused about what’s happening and need to get home ASAP because due to surgery I can’t ‘hold’ for much longer. Then ‘this guy’ explains to me that he picked up a stranger from the street because it was raining and unfortunately banged my car. Sensing that this could get nowhere I just told him to Keep his 5KD for himself and drove home. Only the next day I figured that the scratch is bigger than I thought and might cost me more than 25KD.

Event3: So I am buying land in India, since my parents think I might die soon and want to pass my inheritance to my son, I thought of building my own home (although I invested a lot of money in my parents home, which BTW doesn’t count according to my mother) So I fell short of few bucks since the deal was taking place during Christmas, I happen to borrow KD200 from my uncle, Today when I returned the money he said ‘You borrowed KD300″ .. Boy O’ Boy!! this is a shocker, although I failed miserably at not showing my emotions I said “oh really? Sorry I forgot, Will pay you by tomorrow morning’ . Now I seriously don’t want to offend my uncle over KD 100, he has taken care of us while I was in India (although we had to distance him because he got too close and personal).

So that’s the story so far.. Oh I forgot, today is my last day of Chemotherapy Cycle #5. Since my platelets nose-dived my dosage has been reduced to 75%. 6th cycle will commence on 13th of February .. More updates later if I find time.

Just one more thing … My other blog is ranked #48 in the world which make all the unfortunate events go away 🙂

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