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Remember when Jacob wrestled God, and God had to touch the socket of his hip and ask Jacob to let go? yeah! something like that is happening in my life. To be honest I am not religious anymore, I used to be a fanatic once upon a time,but then learnt how to balance ‘life’ and ‘Religion’, anyways.. at present I am undergoing Capepox regimen at KCC (Kuwait Cancer Center). On 26th of October I underwent the second cycle, for the first time I was alone and I was feeling really depressed about it. May be because Aunt Shirley has been accompanying me every time I went to hospital. I SMS’d her saying I was at the hospital and she replied that ‘God is with You, I am praying for you’. And tears just burst out, She’s not my mother but she has given so much love to me that I feel so blessed.

All my stress went away once the Oxaliplatin was administered, it wasn’t painful, Actually I slept like a baby till the procedure was over and then went to work as well. So right now I have issues with constipation, but that’s OK I guess, I have few more months for my cancer Graduation, which means I will be wrestling God throughout this period until he touches my hip socket and blesses me with good health and extended life.

I have no intentions to lose this fight!!

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I’ve been lazy, but I’d like to call it mood swings, So on 4th of October I was administered oxaliplatin  at Joy Hospital Chembur. And by God’s grace I had no side effects. So I will be undergoing a 8 cycle ‘Capepox regimen’ for the next few months. So, myIndia trip went well, I did go out for some gigs and enjoyed as well, unlike my previous radiation+chemo regime where I was under house arrest for almost 2 months.


So here I am back inKuwait, My family is happy to see me again. I can surely tell Jayden missed me, because he was screaming on top of voice ‘Dada I love you’ at the airport (Or may be because he knew that I brought him ‘tumblin monkeys’ toy fromIndia)


I will continue my medication here inKuwaitat the KCC, they say it is the best cancer hospital in theMiddle east. Hope all goes well. Because the vein is still paining from Oxaliplation, So I guess by the time I get 7 more of those my hands will be in lot of pain, but it’s all OK. I met Dr Kamran Khan prior to coming toKuwait, he was happy to see me. Told him about few complications that I have, he asked me not worry about them, but get proper exercise to body as exercise makes lot of different in cancer survivors, I think I am going to do exactly the same.


Will be resuming to work tomorrow, not sure how often I am going to update this blog, but all is well, because God has been going ahead of me every step of the way. (May be I should give testimony about my situation at church)

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So I am here in India, Apparently Dr Nilesh Lokeshwar is on vacation, So Dr Adwaita Gore will be treating me for Chemotherapy.

I arrived here on 1st of October, Sairith’s Birthday was on 2nd, had real fun, except that Aunt Annette fell flat on her face while entering the building and it was blood, scream, panic everywhere. Poor thing just recovering from a serious illness, she was bedridden for 7 months and just yesterday she had her first outing and she had the massive fall, but by God’s grace nothing serious happened and she’s such a powerful person she got up and joined party.

Well, about Chemotherapy.. I am a bit scared, not sure how I will cope up with it for next six months and petrified at the thought that It could do some damage to my vital organs, but then I am putting my trust on my God, I am confident that He is true to his promise that He will guide me.

I miss my wife, I had a bitter fight with her just before leaving to India, Yes ! sometimes I could be a jerk, but then fights are all important in life, it’s (NOT) fun when fights happen because of a third person who is usually a ‘monster-in-law’.

Hope this ends well, I seriously want to go back to my family ASAP, although I so love India right now, but home is where your heart is, and my heart is in Kuwait.

So, hopefully I will be dating Xeloda from tomorrow, Xeloda is the name of my medicine, hope she behaves 🙂

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