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Again, it’s happening again, I have stopped updating this place, it’s happening for a reason, and the reason being… I am Getting better.

As said in my previous blog, I arrived in Kuwait with my ileostormy reversal wound re-stitched.  After few days, the wound started to smell again, Boy O’ boy !! i was so scared, So we visited a local doctor at New Mowasat hospital in Kuwait, who assured us that everything was fine and asked me to take bath. And then my brave wife was changing my bandage for next few days while the stitch healed and finally I had my stitches removed. That was a great relief, meanwhile Dr Kamran said that I could visit India by October first week for Full Fox Chemotherapy, which has made my wife very happy.

Meanwhile, My son moved , he’s turning 4 and he already moved out .. to his own room. We painted this vacant room which was used as a dumping room, he’s so happy,

In other news, Showroom is opening in two days, and I have rejoined my workplace for a while now. I get exhausted like hell, but then my colleagues have been kind to me and don’t allow me to do much work.

So I will be booking my tickets in a day or two, more from India. That’s it for now.

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This blogpost is dedicated to my wife,

So as the title says ‘ I didn’t have to die to go to heaven, I just had to go home‘  (Lyric from Heaven by 3 doors down)

So here’s what happened since August 21st.

After meeting Dr Nilesh who is my medical oncologist at Joy hospital, I was  told that ‘all wounds must be healed before the chemotherapy begins’ . Now, since my ileostomy reversal wound had developed puss and wasn’t healing Dr Kamran advised me to get the wound re-stitched again . Ouch !! I know, So Dr Sachin did the needful on August 24th and said that I should let it heal for at least 20 days. SHITT!!!

Now that I had reached the thresh hold of my depression level and aunty Shirley and Uncle Godwin too had gone on 4 days vacation to Mangalore, I couldn’t wait to see my family any longer, so my darling wife booked me a first class ticket and I was home after an exhausting 10 hour journey. But then …. I saw him coming charging towards me at the airport and I knelt down, He hugged me so hard and said ‘Dada, I missed you’ !! and I can tell you, I will fight every damn cancer cell if I have to, I just don’t want to miss my family again. I know God will take care of the situation.

Meanwhile, I am so glad to be back home, Wife has been taking utmost care, I can’t bless the Lord enough for such a wonderful person in my life. (Yeah, she gets ticked when I talk about my mother, but that’s OK, I didn’t ask for a total flawless wife 😆 )

Good news, My shop is under renovation, so I didn’t miss much work. I hope to resume for few days before I head to India for Chemotherapy. Also enjoying driving in Kuwait. I hated being under house arrest during the incessant rains in Bombay.

Nothing more to update now… if you stumbled on this blog for any reason.. Eat fibres, Pray, Love your family, God takes care of every tiny bit of your life.

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