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All is well that ends well, at least all is well, if it has a bright chance to end well.

Something happened since I got discharged from the hospital on August 12th.. I didn’t poop for 4 days, that is FOUR DAYS!!! Then On the fourth day, I had to visit the doctor and was on enema in no time. That was a relief, since then I am pooping on my own. Although there are complications which I don’t like to explain, but things looks good, I’m told it will be another 6 months or a year to get used to my new bowel system.

Meanwhile, as I mentioned in my previous post that there was some puss in the wound, Doctors have advised not to take off my stitches until tomorrow (Monday), I hope my wound is dry, because any delay will mean that my post surgery chemotherapy will be delayed, which means I will be not seeing them any time soon.

Talking about family, I have had some breakdowns in last few days, specially when I saw the size of the wound, I just lost hope and missed my family soooooooo much! but then she’s been standing behind me like a pillar whenever I have lost faith, So I have renewed my faith in God and I know things will turn out good. So hoping for the best and not letting my spirit down even when things don’t look good.

That’s all for now… More tomorrow !

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Wow ! I didn’t blog for the longest time… so here’s what happened

5th August : I got admitted at Joy Hospital Chembur, Bombay.

6th August : I got operated for ileostomy reversal by Dr Kamran A Khan (Surgeon Oncologist)

7th August : Pain .. not even liquids allowed … only IV drips

8th August : More pain … still no liquid allowed .. just IV drips .. Lips are all dried up .. But I am ok with that.

9th August : Puss in the wound .. but there is good news .. I pooped. Yes finally after 27 days of rest I finally pooped through my anal canal. Doctors are happy that things are going well. They tell me not to worry about the puss.

10th August : Water is given every half an hour .. but just 10 ml.. which tastes like drops from heaven.

11th August : I am told to take soups etc in the morning .. later Doctor tells me I can take soft food. Which again tastes so yummy.

12th August: Despite of eating moderate quantity .. poop has stopped. Doctors say not to worry as long as gases are passed. Which is kinda relieving to hear. Guess What?? I am discharged from Hospital by evening. Although the ‘dressing change’ episode kicked the life out of me.

13th August: I am home in Airoli. Feels good. Not much pain too.. In fact I didn’t sleep the whole day but spent time mostly on the internet. Feels good to be back !

Meanwhile certain┬ádevelopments, My uncle who is taking care of my wife and son has gone crazy, just because he has an unfaithful wife (or what he suspects her of) he’s doubting my wife, which is kinda sad, because I hate it when people whom you love get all protective and creepy. I should call him and give him a piece of my mind.. but wife says she can handle the situation. If only she knew driving she wouldn’t have taken that idiots help!! Hope I get on my feet soon and go home fast to settle all the issues before they get out of hand.

In other news, My website turned 3, yes Indianrockmp3.com is three years old and has 13,65,000 hits and 21,300 fans which kinda makes me happy. Although there are issues with typo’s and grammatical errors, I guess when you have 3k hits every day … who cares??

Nothing else for now, Just hope that, that creepy bastard stays away from my family !

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So the second stage is set, I will be getting operated again on 6th. This time it will a minor surgery to remove my colostomy bag, so that I will be pooping like every one else. Last 21 days have been irritative, it’s not easy when your ass migrates to stomach and you have to poop in a plastic bag and empty it every 3rd hour. I feel for the people who have permanent colostomy bags.

Meanwhile life is getting better, had a bitter bout of cough for a week, really suffered because of that. Yesterday I got fed up and visited the local GP, she changed my medication and I feel so relieved today. Cough is gone! what a relief. All my stiches have dried up as well.

Nothing else now! life is very boring when You got nothing to do and can’t move around much. Hope things are for better in the second innings of my life.


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