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Another day well spent, asked Sairit to join me for a gig at B69 as it could be my last outing before the radiation therapy starts. Wife was reluctant at first but she did allow me to go after few requests. Well, the gig turned out to be a dud except for the opening band which we missed because the city bus took a real long time to reach Andheri. Anyway, by now most of my friends know about my sickness, that’s something I like about the ‘underground’, news spreads like wildfire. Came home around 1am, the cab driver charged me a fortune but anyways that’s OK i guess.

On the anal front I’m still discharging mucus, just can’t wait to get my radiation started even though I know I will be on for a ‘ride’

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Day of rage

Wasted the day, yeah.. had nothing to do, did visit the Jupiter hospital to check about the insurance. It wasn’t much fruitful, nevertheless i feel relieved as our Insurance company is showing great interest in my case (despite of the fact that I am insured by my wife’s company).

Meanwhile did send mail to my boss’s about my case, turns out that my shop manager is a jerk , here’s an excerpt of his mail ”

First i wish every thing will be OK soon. But you shouldn’t tell any one from the office. Please take all the reports from the doctor and all X ray,every thing and come Back to #####,here they are perfect in these things,great service In KCC. Al S####h hospital,and early stage its easy to manage,you can work and  adjust The timing and get good medical service believe me.Get all the reports and come Back, I’m not sure about this new people in our office. Same time you will be with Your son in his school and your wife. after few days send e-mail to our office and Tell them that you are coming back to work, and doctor told you that you can work And time to time follow up with ##### KCC till the operation time.”

Son of a ….

Can you believe it?? I am dying here and this guy wants me to join work?? I thought of giving him the finest piece of my mind, but wife stopped me !!

He’s not the only jerk of the day, this vile person i mentioned yesterday just addressed me in ‘past tense’ . Wohaaa ! yes !! I had remind her that I am still alive.

Anyways . … did go to the Phoenix Mall at lower Parel, didn’t like it .. Mumbai food doesn’t suit me.. Worried about my stay here

Meanwhile i keep asking God… ‘LET ME LIVE’ !

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So that went well, today was ‘Planning’ day. Met Mr Roger (CT Tech) at the Jupiter hospital, one of the happiest people I have met these days. I was asked fast 4 hours prior to the scan and had to drink a bottle of fluid and other formalities including ‘analyzation’ .. again !

Anyways, right now I am put up with one of most vile person on planet earth. So I need to move out of this place to someplace where I won’t be depressed once my wife and son move back to Gulf for a month while I undergo Cheo/Radiation simultaneously.  I have to send them back so that Jay won’t miss school. It’s his first year at school and he has already missed a week. He is really missing ‘home’ which makes me sad, I really wish I didn’t have this sickness.

And my radiation therapy starts on 4th may, so I have this tiny gap to enjoy the crowd.

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I woke up this Morning crying, I guess finally the reality had sunk in while I was asleep. Hello there, my name is Santhosh Lobo, I am 37 years old, and I’m a loving father & a husband. I was recently diagnosed with rectal cancer which is luckily is in it’s first stage, and if the doctors are right it will be cured in a span of 3-7 months depending on my recovery.

  So just an introduction, I am an Indian, I work in Middle East as a retail sales person. But right now I am back in Mumbai,India for treatment. WhyIndia? Because somehow we couldn’t trust the doctor’s back in Gulf.  More on that some other time.

Anyways, Today is April 26th and this is the first episode of my Cancer chronicles. I promise to keep the short and hmm less bitchy. Thanks for reading… more about me here, here, and here.


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